What is the Mole?

The Mole is a revolutionary platform that produces content with the intention of communicating, exploring, progressing and popularising Communist politics, in the hope that we can successfully manage the many global crises we face as a species today. We take our name from the Marx quote, “We recognise our old friend, our old mole, who knows so well how to work underground, suddenly to appear: the revolution. - Europe will leap from its seat and exultantly exclaim: Well grubbed, old mole!”

Our orientation will be one of optimism, where we can see a potential terminal crises in Neo-liberal Capitalism, and the stage opening for less over-determined activity, where the potential for the Mole of History to break the surface is alive once more! We hope to be supported entirely by monthly donations from our members on Patreon, so we can pursue high quality, independent journalism and be beholden only to you.

Our introduction video can welcome you to our project, and we will update you transparently as our work inevitably evolves. We will be collaborating with a broad range of people and institutions across the left to unify our movement, grow our reach, and connect more people into the struggles. Alongside these video collaborations, one of our first projects is a podcast called The Tunnels, where we analyse current affairs and explore issues in more depth, often with expert guests. We have plans for current events presentations that push new boundaries, and we have many special projects in the works.

Support Us

Your support is an integral part of a thriving ecosystem of ideas and content; enabling us to work with a diverse range of individuals and groups across the Left, whilst also gaining you access to exclusive content and early releases.

Supporters who back us in our first 12 months will receive a book on their first anniversary, including a written thank you addressed to every person that made it possible.